Welcome to the real world

I’m writing from the road this morning so this will be short and sweet. We have traveled to California to watch my youngest sister graduate from high school tonight. The next few days will surely be filled with loud family fun. I am so grateful for my family. My time spent with them always recharges me even though it can often be exhausting at the same time.

Graduations are interesting. You can’t help but feel nostalgic and reflect on what has been…and ultimately what will be. I’ve learned that this process of stepping forward into something new and unknown will only continue way beyond this graduation point in my sisters life. It seems we never stop moving into that “next phase” whatever it may be. My hopes and wishes for her and all my siblings is that they realize THIER AWESOME potential. Each one of them is so amazingly talented and gifted in a unique way. My prayer is that that would leave no dream un-imagined or tried. That they would learn to become comfortable in their skin and be exactly who they were created to be. Living fully. Loving abundantly. Happy.

To my youngest sister on her special day, the one thing I want you to always know is that you’re amazing. You have the wild world ahead of you at your fingertips and there isn’t anything you can’t do. We are all so proud of you! Love you Wawa! Long live the sister couch!


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  1. naturerestoresme
    May 22, 2013 @ 10:55:21

    Being with my family always energizes me too. We laugh about stuff only we know about, and it always makes me feel so special. Glad you got to experience this momentous event. Your sister will always remember that you were there. And feel your encouragement for her future.


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